Anti Fracture Matting / Uncoupling Membrane
Should you or shouldn't you?


Idrobuild Tex Matting

Idrobuild Tex Matting or very similar
Kerakoll's Idrobuild Tex Matting is 0.7mm thick, this is a porous felt material that sticks well, its also very easy to get a 100% adhesion underneath with a laying on trowel. This material does not cause the tiles to move in the setting off period. Its very strong and either a sharp blade or scissors are necessary to cut it. This system is recommended for screeded dry areas with under floor heating. Removing tiles is extremely difficult once set off, a good sign! Absorbent substrates can be treated with Primer A or PR360 Non porous surfaces, Keragrip. Good for Calcium Sulfate / Sand & Cement Screeds. Download PDF Document here.


1.  Porous Material
2.  Easy to fix thus labour rates are lower
3.  100% coverage
4.  0.7mm thick, less height issues.
5.  Extremely strong
6.  Tiles do not move whilst setting.
7.  Uses less adhesive
8.  Lifting large format tiles does not dislodge Matting.
9.  Less expensive
10.Supply & Fix anywhere from £10-15 per meter.


1.  Not recommended for wet areas.


Ditra Matting

I'm not a fan of Ditra. Ditra Matting arrived around 15 years ago for movement areas. Before then we obviously never used it, i can't remember anyone calling us complaining about cracking tiles. After all it's a plastic non porous material. If ever tiles need to be removed they come up easily, not a good sign! However I do use it in wet areas or if the customer is insistent on using it. Ditra would disagree but, this is my opinion. Download PDF Document here.


1.   Recommended for wet areas. Swimming pool surrounds / Wetrooms


1.   Non Porous/Plastic
2.   Material is hollow causing tiles to move over a 24 hour period, especially Rectified Porcelain.
3.   Cannot achieve a 100% coverage under the matting on large dry areas without using a small steam roller!
4.   Takes longer to fix thus labour rates are higher.
5.   Uses more adhesive filling voids.
6.   3mm thick adds extra height.
7.   Lifting large format tiles (can) dislodge Matting.
9.   Expensive.
10. Supply & Fix anywhere from £15-20 per meter.


Anti Fracture Matting always has and always will be optional
It's up to you to research whether or not you really need it or want it. Fixers can only give advice based on their own experience.

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