Suitable for interior and exterior use. From very lightly riven Brazilian Slate for an extra cutting-edge sense, through to a very rustic riven Slate to create the old farmhouse flag stone impact. To be had in most sizes from 300 x 300 mm up to 900 x 900 mm. After being sliced into tiles slate remains naturally bumpy and damaged adding to character. In many cases this is desirable as it makes the tile feel rough and earthy. Whilst the tile is left unrefined it is called Cleft. Although the name Natural Stone is likewise frequently used to describe it looking more like it does in its untouched state. Cleft Slate has wonderful traction even in moist conditions, however if the ridges are too extreme it may be uncomfortable to walk on with bare feet. In some instances Slate tiles may be polished to the state where they have a totally smooth surface. This process dulls both the Dimensionality and the colors within the stone, although the tile does retain the same basic hues. When you feel the face of a honed piece of slate, you'll experience that it still has a rough traction, although less than Cleft flooring will. Any other effect of honing is that the tiles might be much more likely to expose stains and dust and might be harder to keep clean.