Terracotta is a beautiful addition to older homes and particularly farmhouses. Often these tiles are handmade outside in countries such as Brazil and are recognised to have wild footprints of birds and wild cats in the Brazilian Terracotta. Terracotta tiles are also machine made giving them more of a factory finish if desired. After some coats of Linseed Oil and Wax they can seem like they have been there for years. It's advisable at the very least to give these tiles three coats of sealer and up seven coats for excessive high traffic areas. 

Terracotta tiles have been round in certain parts of the world for over two millennia, in fact the word Terracotta means burned earth. The Romans used a spread of terracotta tiles in their palaces for many centuries. Terracotta tiles are thicker than modern tiles giving them durability. The one drawback to terracotta is they have no glaze on the surface, so they pick up and store dirt. If you have ever owned a Terracotta floor before you will be able to relate to this problem.